Saturday, May 19, 2012


So. Boyfriend has figured out that along with being extremely sensitive to air currents and sound, I also react in ways he finds amusing to physical touches, such as tickling or being poked. Namely I either make loud, high-pitched meeping noises, or I yelp like a small fuzzy dog being tazered, which he finds hilarious.

Thus, he has decided that this shall be his method for training me not to constantly apologize for everything, whether or not I had anything to do with it. I have at least once (probably more...but I'm not going to say) been reduced to hiding in a corner, shielding myself with a pillow (the only one I didn't throw at him) shrieking my head off like a cheerleader on helium while he advanced with his pokey fingers of pokey-ness. While my small size makes me more limber and agile than he is, he's at least three times my size and can easily corner me somewhere and pin me or hold me down one-handed since he's a lot stronger, and he's not half as ticklish as I am so that defense doesn't work, and I can't go for the whole kicking him in the groin thing because he's my boyfriend and I will probably need those bits intact later thank you very much.

Revenge doesn't work either because the only time he's really vulnerable to attack by me is when he's driving, and I'd rather not do something that causes him to yell and flail then because I'd rather not be smashed into chunky red paste by an oncoming semi, so there's that. Nyeh.

I need to figure out a method of vengeance that he's actually vulnerable to, won't kill one or both of us, and that won't damage anything important. Also, something I won't forget, because me trying to remember things I don't write down is like trying to carry water with an eggbeater. Just won't work.

Anyway, called the Genius company and evidently they're sending me a new pen for my tablet in the mail, not sure when it's going to get here though, but hopefully within the next week. So yay for that!

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