Sunday, May 6, 2012


Really not happy right now.

So, I just got the drawing tablet I mentioned, and since I couldn't afford a new one I got a refurbished one from a high rated company on Amazon, one that was mentioned in 'like new' condition, and it looked pretty good coming out of the box. Worked okay for a little while too-I was able to get a picture done with it, though it acted a little funky, I figured it was either the copy of Photoshop I had or just a harmless thing that it'd do sometimes. Well-I tried to use it to do the header I mentioned earlier, and it won't draw. At all. It won't move the cursor a single pixel. I tried changing the battery on the pen, doing a hard restart, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers-nothing. The light on the tablet is on and blinking like it did while it was working, but it's still completely unresponsive. I'm pretty sure it's the pen, but I can't find anywhere to buy the pen just by itself, and I certainly can't afford to buy a brand new drawing tablet right now. BARGLE.

Since I can't get ahold of anyone right now, I'm going to try calling the company tomorrow and see if they can't tell me where to get a new pen or what to do to fix the one I have, because-this thing is pretty much my only income source right now. Doing commissions for people, and this blog, are all I have right now since I can't find a job anywhere (California's job market sucks, especially for someone who was unable to afford college) so...yeah. Really not a good thing to have malfunctioning right now.

*sigh* It seems like it's always one thing or another going wrong. Someone shoot me.

The tablet is a Genius G-Pen f610 6X10" if anyone's familiar with it and can give me some advice for it.


  1. Being that you purchased it from an Amazon company there should be at least a 30 day warranty. Shooting you will not help your situation either. Do you have family that might help you while you look for employment? Parents, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles or grandparents? Good luck. Looking forward to seeing some of you drawings.

    1. I've already contacted them, I was told that the guy who handles this stuff didn't come in today but to email him and he should be able to send me a new pen at no additional charge, so I shot the email off and hopefully I'll get a response sooner than later.

      Actually, no, I don't have any family, so I don't have anyone else who can help me find employment. I did find out this awesome place that sells all the geek stuff I know and love is hiring for a few positions, though, so I'm going to apply there and cross my fingers. Hopefully I'll have a decent shot since the manager knows me, my boyfriend and my friends who come in all the time for Warhammer 40K stuff, he asks THEM for information on all that stuff because they know it better than the actual store owner does! XD

  2. Hope you get the pen soon and work as well. It is getting harder and harder to find a job anywhere. Where are you living? I hope not in the streets. There should be agencies that can help you learn a trade and help you find housing. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing some of you art work.

    Do not give up on yourself. Hard work will get you your dreams.

    1. No, I live with my boyfriend and his family. :3 I'm hoping to find steady work soon, or if not that at least be able to make something with this blog and artwork and all. -shrugs- Life happens. Only thing to do is keep trying.