Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Knit Happens

No story at the moment (sorry!) but I have for you a project of mine that has reached completion. As some of you may know, I knit, and while I'm far from being an old hand at it I think I have the hang of it fairly well. Anyway, here is a simple project that I think anyone can accomplish if they have even basic knitting knowledge.

Stormy Seas/Jade Seas Short Scarf

You can't really tell because of the resolution (and my crappy camera-I can forgive it for being crappy considering it's been thrown, stepped on by horses, left in the blazing heat for days on end, ect.....I'm kind of abusive to my electronics, except my laptop) but even though it only wraps around twice (three times if you have a really thin neck) it looks more layered because of the way the edges curl inward. The pom-pom is...not necessary, but I had just got this little tool that said it could make heart shaped pom poms and while it didn't exactly come out heart was still yeah. I like fuzzy things! I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!

So anyway, all you need to know to make this one is how to cast on, knit stitch (also known as the stockinette stitch) and bind off. Really simple!

I used a size fifteen circular needle (my first time using a circular needle but holy crap if I can find them in all the needle sizes I may never use a straight needle again!! These things are awesome!! For those who don't know, circular needles are those ones that both needle ends are attached by a thin cord, usually plastic, so the yarn never leaves it. Really handy!) and Loops & Threads Country Loom Acrylic Yarn. The recommended amount is 250 yards (which would take two skeins) but I completed it with one 104 yard skein, which gets it about this wide, depending on the yarn:

Stretched out in it's fuzzy glory!

What you'll need to do is cast on 95 stitches. If you want it to be longer, since the length of what you cast on is going to be the length of the scarf, and the rows you knit will be the width, feel free to add more stitches until it's the desired length. I'd say up to 150 or so, depending on what you can fit on your needles and feel comfortable with. Mind, this will mean that you'll probably need more yarn than one skein, so have another ball or two handy.

Once you've cast on all your stitches, start knitting! No purling or any other stitch necessary. You can get creative if you want, but for a beginner I'd say stick with just plain knitting. Continue until you reach the desired width (the wider it is, the more material there will be to flop over, giving the illusion of more layers) and then bind off.

If you want to add anything like pom-poms or some such to it, then feel free to do so-and don't worry about the brand or type of yarn, any super bulky (preferably size 6) will work.

Hope a few fellow or future knitters out there found this useful!

The completed scarf will be up for sale at my Etsy account here:

Give me a home?

Based off the design for the Jenny from the Block Scarf by Purllin.


  1. Have you considered making baby blankets using this pattern only enlarging the the width and decreasing the length. Of course, you would also want to use pastel colors and yarn specific for baby afghans. This scarf is really pretty.

    1. Well, it's just a knit stitch, so it'd be a bit simple for a baby blanket. Still functional, but most tend to like fancier designs and patterns for things like that. And thank you!