Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I want to apologize for taking so long to get the next chapters up, I've been working my backside off making con badges for my friends, trying to get commissions and trying to find a job. I have been unable to find one so far, and the situation isn't looking very good at the moment as far as that goes, so I've been trying to get commissions to even it out but no one else seems to have money right now either. So, I'll get the chapters and artwork up as soon as I can, but right now my priorities tend to be somewhere in the 'get-money-so-I-don't-turn-into-an-unwashed-dead-hobo' range.


  1. Thanks for the chapters you have put on already. Do you have a place to stay? Are you physically okay? How can I help?

  2. Other than being unable to go to a doctor's to get my thyroids and a few other issues checked out, and not getting the medications I had been taking, I'm fine. Yes I have a place to stay, I'm staying with my boyfriend and his family, and I'm physically fine other than aforementioned issues. It's not as though they're about to toss me out onto the streets or anything, but I do really need a job, or to start getting a lot more commissions/viewers here so I can start earning so I can save up for a car and eventual apartment or house with Zack, and be able to get myself personal stuff like shampoo and all-I've still got a bit left and I know they'll get me some if I ask or they find out I'm low, but I'd really like to be more self sufficient so I can begin repaying their kindness. I hate feeling like a leech.