Friday, June 1, 2012

Tablet Issue

So-after calling, calling again, waiting and calling some more, I finally got the replacement pen for my drawing tablet, which should be a YAAAAAY!

Unfortunately, it turns out the problem isn't the pen at all-it's the tablet itself, and they're certainly not going to replace that unless I buy a new one. The sensors in it are dead or something, I'm not sure, but the light will come on and blink when I plug it into the computer, the drivers are installed and functioning, but as soon as I bring the pen near it the light either goes off completely or it comes on and stays on, and it won't move the cursor a single pixel.

So, still not able to do any drawings other than those little mouse-drawn dot things like in the post about the cardboard cutout (which he's STILL moving around the office and trying to scare me with, and his dad found out about it and laughed his head off) until I get a new tablet. Well, that'll teach me to buy used...

Until I've either saved up enough for a brand new tablet, or I get one from a fellow artist on Deviantart who may be selling me hers cheap (she's promised that it works well, and it's a Bamboo, which tend to last longer and be a lot better, but I would like to do it all through ebay so that if it doesn't work I can return it and there will be accountability on both our parts), I still won't be able to do the drawings, unless someone knows what's going on with the tablet and can tell me how to fix it? I've never encountered this problem before-my old old OLD tablet, that got destroyed in a house fire, stopped working all of once, and it was the pen that died. New pen and it worked great for years, until it was melted into a plastic pancake. I've never had an issue with this weird light behaving so oddly in reaction to a pen being near it, and just refusing to let the cursor move at all.

So, just letting you guys know that it'll probably be a while longer, I'm not sure how long, before I can post any artwork. I'm sorry. D8


  1. Have you contacted the company you purchased the tablet from and asked to return the whole thing to get a working replacement or your money? Most companies have a warranty even if the item is rebuild. Hope you get something soon.

  2. The problem is, I didn't buy it new-I bought it used from a company on Amazon, and thanks to how long it took to get the replacement pen, their warranty has run out and they won't replace it or refund it.